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Hi There…

My name is Sharon and I am a Virtual Assistant, based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I assist clients locally and globally in achieving their goals by performing duties that they do not have time to do, but are essential to their business operations. These duties include, but are not limited to Administration,  Social Media Management and Email Management. I lend this assistance remotely and this allows me to work and connect with different people and businesses on a global level.

Due to a huge economic shift in my country, I found myself looking for employment, which led me to explore my options and creativity… this has led me to merge my passion for business empowerment with my skills in business entrepreneurship and administration. I find that I greatly enjoy helping others to achieve reach their potential by assisting with the smaller tasks. This in turn enables me to set my own hours working remotely , which means I can continue to be an astute business woman as well as a caring mother and wife to my family.

I also love to connect with and promote other businesses,  and hope to be able to feature many businesses as well as learn and impart knowledge through my platform here. Looking forward to connecting and growing with you! 

Cheers to successful businesses!

Instagram @vasharonc